Vantage Wall - 12 Gauge

Our 12 Gauge Steel Vantage Wall Barrier is recognized nationwide as the standard in prison protection. Stackable and self-supporting, the Vantage Wall offers maximum security escape prevention for prisons, jails and detention centers.

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Vantage Wall - 12 Gauge

Vantage Wall - 12 Gauge

Maximum Security Barriers

The 12 Gauge Vantage Wall Barrier - with 12 gauge welded steel frames - is most commonly utilized as a cell front or an enclosure for recreation areas, both indoor and outdoor.  The Vantage Wall is expertly fabricated using a tubular frame design to reduce structural support requirements.  What's more, custom shapes are available for use in a variety of other applications such as overhead recreation decks, corridor partitions, day rooms and vestibules.  

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Steel S-V12-Z
Galvannealed Steel G-V12-Z

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